Examples of how we have assisted customers

First we need to understand what SEO is and how its defined – and see how this meets the customer objective.

“Search engine optimisation (SEO) is the process of affecting the visibility of a website or a web page in a search engine’s “natural” or un-paid (“organic”) search results.” as defined by Wikipedia.


So to you and me, SEO means preparing your online content and witting it in a special way so it’s easy for people to consume and easier for search engines to find.

So basically,

I love helping people, I can talk about helping people all day long, I want my information to be visible … so how do I do that online?

One way is to employ or use SEO to get your content visible and on page #1 of Google and other search engines and Forums, BLOGS, etc.

By applying natural GOOGLE approved search engine optimisation techniques you will have your website or content found on the Internet using Google or Yahoo, simply and easily.  Search engine optimisation techniques are good for your website’s health because we make your website talk with Google by enhancing your:

  • Metadata
  • Image names
  • Internal Code
  • Load times
  • Social listings
  • Link partners

Thus your pages or content are visible to search engines in the way they want them seen.

Small incremental improvements are made over a period of a few months which results in healthy performance in organic search results at no extra cost to you, over and above your plan.

What we have done for other customers, case-study examples.

Google Increase in traffic: (Real-estate company example)

You can see below independent hosting data samples vs Google analytic data for a clients account. (click to enlarge)Site Traffic Increase

Analytics comparison
Notice how the new visitors is in a healthy position and the bounce rate is on the way down. (click to enlarge)

Analytics comparison


  • Over 4000 new page views per month
  • 50% increase on page views per session


Retail company Total Data Snapshot – building referral traffic
Before January:
Notice how contact with the site is zero, therefore this site did not rank well at the beginning. (click to enlarge)

Retail total data snapshot before Jan 2015

After July:
Notice how all results in all sectors increase by three fold, hence now the site is ranking and converting well. (click to enlarge)

Total SEO data increase three fold


  • Over 160 new leads generated online
  • All lead generation areas had a dramatic increase

Facebook Interactions
Interactions in Facebook increased over the period of SEO enhancements. (click to enlarge)

Facebook interactions increase 2015

Facebook likes Retail


  • Over 600 new brand page Facebook likes
  • Over 60 shared instances of their content


Twitter Interactions: (another Real-estate Client)
Evidence on how interactions in the clients Twitter account increased over the period of SEO enhancements. (click to enlarge)



  • 13 new followers just from one tweet instance
  • Over 104% profile visit increase



Rapid Tool Tie Gun  (Australia wide search)

position 1 in Google

Cosmetic Dentist Menai  (Local Suburb Search)

position 1 in Search Menai


Pasta Lane Cove  (Local and Map Search)

position 1 in Search lane cove



There is no better proof of results than being able to rank on page #1 or position #1 above fellow SEO companies. See some of our results below.


Results This Year
Example 1:

low cost seo plans

Example 2:

cheap seo companies


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