What now – Facebook has blocked all my external URLs

The other day one of our clients Kellie had a major dilemma.  A Facebook page she works on with over 10,000 likes was out of nowhere, banned from using external URLs.

  • nothing dodgy was done
  • no obvious rules were broken
  • all copy was written well and not in a spammy way
  • URLs being used were all different and no sites were overused
  • the profile had been around for ages
  • nothing really different was being done..

BAM! sorry we are putting you in Facebook Jail cause we can.

What do we do now, upon further investigation in alignment with Facebook’s recent media release to stop favouring business promotions, it seems that Facebook now is super paranoid with legitimate and the not so legitimate Facebook company pages and the amount of posts they do each day, and where specifically they are posting to.   So be aware!

Luckily this person had written a great article on all the possible option you can under take to get your FB URLs unblocked, we found that point 5 worked best for us.   This URL also helped out Report Blocked Content as well.

Hope this blog can also save you guys a few hours of research and confusion and head scratching.