Why ROI Based SEO Agencies Are The Future Of SEO

Let’s look at finding better opportunities for small business and startups on how to better their ROI when it comes to getting value for money and conversion of sales from SEO. According to a study, the goal of starting a business is not about becoming wealthy but to get a chance of having a healthy income, and to contribute to the community’s welfare. Knowing that your team has created something that is beneficial to the public is already worth rewarding.

Now that your business has started, how do you keep the momentum of optimising your brand? Knowing your key target market and sets of business strategies are not enough in keeping your business afloat in the industry. In today’s technology, digital marketing and website optimisation plays a vital role in converting digital footprints into store sales. Companies more and more are now investing in ROI based SEO packages that are affordable and effective for their business.

Some of you might still ask though, why exactly should small businesses and startups invest in optimising their brand or website?

ROI SEO Brings Cost Effectiveness. In website optimisation, the company will be able to get the right customers who are active online in search for products and services through applying the right strategies in digital marketing. These days there are companies like ours at Low Cost SEO who offer affordable SEO packages for the businesses and acquire website traffic that have the potential of becoming leads.

ROI SEO Brings Business Growth. The website acquiring online traffic and being able to convert such traffic will help in the financial growth of your business. Through the constant use of the right tools in optimisation such as keywords and online ads without compromising your budget, you give your business plenty of potential to grow.

More About ROI SEO – What does it mean?

ROI SEO stands for Return On investment Search Engine Optimisation – usually SEO is a processes in digital marketing where an expert will make necessary changes to the website’s content for it to appear on search engine sites. This then increases a website’s organic results on search engines. However with ROI based SEO the analyst works out the traffic and conversions the client will get before the account starts, how much money that equates in their pocket from sales, and then decides if SEO is good for them. ROI SEO is something most agencies fear to do because it very accountable to the client. This means the SEO agencies can’t hide behind analytics or the “mystery” of SEO – either you made the customer money or not.. no excuses allowed with ROI based SEO.

How is ROI based SEO beneficial to your business’ website?

Better ROI. For startups who are in the eCommerce business, SEO can provide results that are quantifiable to sales. The conversion path starts with website traffic which is when a user visits the site, then they could either enquire or purchase a product on the website. For non-eCommerce businesses, leads are generated through the users filling out contact forms or newsletter subscriptions.

Brand Awareness. Having your website rank on organic spots in search engines means that your business is getting impressions and exposure from your online customers. For your business to stay on top, the use of keywords associated with your brand and website content will be more likely to gain conversions and build trust from online users.

Website Crawlability. For search engines to easily navigate your website, SEO is used to make your website available and visible not just to users, but to search engine bots as well. For instance, Google uses Googlebots also known as ‘Web Crawlers which crawl/search for websites every time a user searches for a certain item or product with the use of keywords. Using the correct keywords that are readable by web crawlers can make it easier for your online customers to find the information they need from your website.

How does LCS help a business optimise their brand or website using ROI based SEO?

#1 Do an Audit
Before we do any optimisation, it’s crucial for us to analyse your website so that we understand what’s doing great and what needs to be improved. This will then enable you to prioritise and avoid updating what was already optimised and effective.

#2 Social Media
It is an undeniable fact that a majority of the world’s population are using social media daily. Hence, it’s a good way to boost your business by creating social media pages.

Link your website and its pages such as any products or services you may have to your social media profiles. Furthermore, linking your website to your page also shows your audience that you are established and legitimate.

#3 Keyword Strategies
It’s essential to use the most relevant keywords for your business. Additionally, it’s important that you also use keywords that are searched most by users.

One other thing to note is that there are keywords that can be vague. Take for example, your business is a local boutique that sells dresses and shoes. Using the keywords ‘dresses’ or ‘shoes’ are too broad and unclear; thus your site will probably show up in the last pages of search engine results.

However, using keywords such as ‘dress shop’, ‘dresses for sale’, ‘shoe store’ or ‘shoes for sale’ are more specific and relevant to your business. Additionally, it is also ideal to use keywords with your location if you want to target your local area.

#4 Quality Content
Your website will defeat its purpose if your content is not high quality. For the most effective content, ensure that you have placed the right and relevant keywords and that it fits the context of your business.

It is also recommended that your text is readable. This means it should have an appropriate font size and that paragraphs are organised.

It’s also a good idea to separate your paragraphs into subtopics so that visitors will easily locate the information that they need without having to go through all the text – as long, bulky paragraphs may cause them to bounce off your website.

#5 Blogs and Resources
Informative content such as blogs, videos and images can help increase your website traffic. Let us continue to use a boutique as an example, as well as another instance.

A certain user is looking for fashion trends in 2018. If you have a blog, a video or a gallery with the latest fashion trend, you could provide the user with the information they needed. Since you are running a boutique, users will also be more likely to find you and your information credible.

#6 Internal Linking
If you have resources and blogs in your page, it is effective to hyperlink keywords to links from other parts of your website. For instance, you can link a page to your newest stocks in your blog about the latest fashion trends in 2018. If the visitor ever found your blog to be insightful and decided to purchase, you not only increased your website traffic, you also converted it into a sale.

#7 Page Optimisation
This refers to the optimisation of your title tags and meta descriptions. These are what appear in Google’s search results whenever a user searches for a keyword and your website appears on the list. Hence, your title and descriptions, despite their short length, should be informative and engaging so that users are enticed.

#8 Hybrid Strategies
Of course, using merely one technique in SEO won’t give you faster and better results. If you want to gain an advantage over your competitors and increase your traffic, sales and brand visibility, you will need the combined power of all the techniques we’ve mentioned. Fortunately for you, that is exactly what we at Low Cost will give to your business.

#8 Blogging

Creating regular blogs with high-quality content is one of the most efficient and long-term ways of promoting a business with the use of the internet. Blogging can grant any business owner the opportunity to share useful and relevant information about their specific brands in a highly creative way. However, blogging has been in hot water lately because some business companies believe that it is no longer relevant to be used as a marketing tool since most internet users are more drawn into watching videos rather than read an article online. Despite this, the effectiveness of blogging in terms of driving traffic to a business website is still enough to keep it at sail.

#9 Social Media

The dawn of social media had surely made a huge impact on online marketing. Business companies didn’t miss the chance to take advantage of this vast platform to promote their unique brands. Big social networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram are the best examples to show how huge social media can be. In relation to marketing, social media provides a wide variety of audiences from each of its sub-platforms. Let’s take Facebook as an example. Facebook is known to be the largest social networking site in the world with billions of active users each month. Therefore, social media is surely one of the best platforms to market businesses because of this limitless number of potential targets.

#10 Video Ads

Using video ads has always been proven to be exceedingly effective compared to print ads. It can’t be denied that video marketing can explain almost everything about a specific brand in a short span of time. With a 30-second video clip, business companies can send multiple messages to promote their brands to a wide variety of audiences. Although video marketing is proven to be super effective, achieving a successful video production requires a lot of work, a powerful strategy and a heavy dose of creativity. Furthermore, despite its critical requirements, businesses venture into this platform because once mastered, it surely can grant them good and profitable returns.

As detailed above its hard these days to get a good return on investment when using SEO if the analysis has not been done up front and or the SEO Agency does not meet their promises of conversion, so ensure your also across what you want to achieve using ROI based SEO.