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Computers have become an established means for acquiring information and the vast rise in the use of mobile devices has extended that ability to millions more people globally. A growing number of consumers are turning to the Internet of Things (IoT) to book flights and hotels, seek out desired restaurants and stores, and shop for a variety of products and services – enter the “SEO AUSTRALIA” age.  In this new era or doing business, businesses are greatly benefited by having a strong online presence in their overall marketing plan if they want to be competitive and successful.

Australian SEO Benefits

However, it isn’t enough to simply create an Australian business website. The SEO Australia era ses, the cost and effort will be wasted if the criteria isn’t applied for driving target traffic to what you have to offer. Because search engines are the main sources used to locate favourite and potential Australian companies, SEO (search engine optimization) is a critical element to apply. SEO are the platforms that search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, Ask, etc. is used to rank websites. The higher the ranking, the more traffic is likely to be driven to your website.

Why is search engine ranking important?

It has been statistically consistent throughout the history of search engines used to navigate the World Wide Web that more than three quarters of all people that use them never inquire past the first page of results. If the website link to your Australian business lies on the second or third page of the search engine results, you may get some traffic, but if it is beyond that, the reality is that your business link abides in obscurity and will capture little, if any, attention.

However, just as placing a website without SEO on the internet is basically pointless, the improper use of Australian SEO will offer unsatisfactory results. According to a recent Content Marketing Institute survey, 55 percent of Australian businesses said they understood what content marketing consists of, but only 28 percent admitted to getting effective results. The majority of the reason for such poor performance can undoubtedly be traced back to ineffective use of SEO techniques and procedures. As with any tool, its proper use directly affects the end result.

The State of SEO in Australia

When it comes to Australia, SEO application is considerably lower than other advanced nations such as the United States and UK. The country does have a high use of PPC (pay per click) where advertisers pay publishers when their ad or link is clicked, spending over $100 million on such advertising (2009 figures). However, when it comes to SEO, Australian businesses only spent between $30 and $40 million during the same period which only barely exceeds 10 percent of marketing dollars compared to nearly 90 percent spent on PPC. The problem is that PPC advertising yields effective traffic volume that is much lower than SEO.

The main reasons PPC is used more aggressively than Australian SEO is that it is much easier to implement, marketing budgets can be better controlled, and results are immediate. Although PPC marketing was more effective many years ago, it has significantly decreased, being overshadowed by good SEO techniques which are more involved, but provide greater results and ROI. PPC will always remain an important part of an Australian online marketing strategy, but it is only one leg of a multifaceted SEO plan.

How Australian companies are performing in SEO

You only need to look at some of the Australian companies that have focused on sound SEO strategies to see the benefits it brings. Following is a list of the top ten performers:
1. WME, Melbourne. Founded: 2008. Employees: 150+. Clients: 2,500+. Revenue: Over $10 million.
2. Bulldog Digital Media, Melbourne. Founded 2013. Employees: 22. Clients: 58. Revenue: $1-3 million.
3. Newpath WEB, Melbourne. Founded: 2006. Employees: 50+. Clients: 250+. Revenue: $5-10 million.
4. QuantumLinx Pty Ltd, Sydney. Founded 2008. Employees: 28. Clients: 300+. Revenue: $3-5 million.
5. Whitehat Agency, Pyrmont. Founded: 2013. Employees: 20+. Clients: 333. Revenue: $5-10 million.
6. Digital Marketing Agency, Australia Division. Founded: 2002. Employees: 35+. Clients: 500+. Revenue: Over $10 million.
7. WebiMax, Australia Division. Founded: 2008. Employees: 100+. Clients: 400+. Revenue: Over $10 million.
8. VJG Interactive, Australia Division. Founded: 2006. Employees: 150+. Clients: 600+. Revenue: Over $10 million.
9. Sitesnstores, Richmond. Founded: 2008. Employees: 43. Clients: 274. Revenue: $3-5 million.
10. Zoom Internet Marketing, Melbourne. Founded: 2000. Employees: 27. Clients: 165. Revenue: $250k – $1 million.

What you should notice is that the top successful companies utilizing Australian SEO are all fairly new and range widely in both employee and client numbers.  A sound SEO strategy will provide your company results regardless of your size, or where you’re located for that matter.  It should be noted that it does take time for Australian SEO strategies to provide results. When a new website goes online, it can take between two and six weeks before Google indexes it and the results appear in their search engine.

What about Affordable or Low Cost SEO in the era of “SEO Australia”?

An effective SEO strategy can require a good chunk of a company’s marketing budget to deliver desired results. In many cases, affordable or low cost SEO is sought out to limit the impact and keep costs within a certain margin. The problem is that usually depending on who’s doing it, affordable, low cost SEO services generally do not include all that is required to produce solid and consistent results. As the old adage goes, “you get what you pay for.”

There are definitely companies that offer affordable, low cost SEO and if you are a new company with a limited budget, they are worth seeking out. You simply need to do your homework and shop around like you would for any product or service you’re looking to get a good deal on – and don’t forget to follow up their reviews. There are also aother alternatives that allow you to cut SEO costs while maximizing traffic and ROI, again, good research on this topic will assist you with this effort if you want to take up the challenge, a good place to start is blog.

Bottom line, in the era of SEO Australia, the future of successful business lies on a firm foundation of Australian SEO application. It’s time to make your move.  If you unsure how to begin and have any further questions or liked the information in this Blog, please feel free to contact us for more information or further confirmation of the services we offer and how we can help your business prosper.  Good luck!