SEO Packages For Small Business

Ok, so you want someone to drive small business leads, a team who can actually deliver traffic growth and conversion for a reasonable ROI.  Someone you can see face to face – with SEO reporting included !

Its time to stop getting ripped off and work with someone who can actually get you more business – see our reviews or speak to our customers to confirm we are the real deal!  You can also view our case studies below for more proof on how we can assist you.  Its time to do better and worry less about your SEO & Digital strategy.

Your website is your portfolio for creating online relationships – small business needs to get this right if they are to have any chance converting customer leads.  Having a business website is not enough if you want to succeed and generate more sales; it’s just the first step. There are still more important things you need to do to achieve your goals. One of these is getting a reputable company to formulate a small business SEO packageOur most popular Plans are the Ultimate SEO package and the ... More for you, because you also need to make sure that your website is on the first page of Google and other search engines, as this is the best way to gain organic SEO leads in Australia.

How to Improve Your Rankings Using an SEO PackageOur most popular Plans are the Ultimate SEO package and the ... More for Small Business

For small businesses, it’s not that easy to get high rankings on Google – even when you do the right things, especially if your competitors are at the big business end of town, and if they also already have been in business for more than 5 years. You need to do something to gain an edge over them.  When you are on the first page of Google and other search engines, it will be easy for your target market to find you. Websites that are on the first page are considered to be more credible and are most likely to get organic visitors.

Improve your website’s rankings:
1. Write and publish relevant content
If you want to be favoured by search engines, like Google, and be noticed by your target market, you need to provide quality content. This is the number one requirement to improve your rankings. You can never replace a great content!

When writing good website content, identify the keywords to use that best suit your small business – to do this you can use Google KeyWords Finder or a Trend Analysis tool. Put yourself in the shoes of your target market and think what are those words they will most likely use when searching online. Once you have identified them, use the keywords in your content, and make sure you insert them naturally. Do not overuse these keywords (this is called KeyWord Stuffing) to avoid being tagged as spamming or keyword stuffing . You can use bold, italic and bullet points to make an emphasis but don’t overdo it.

Remember, never sacrifice good content for SEO and make sure to write for the users and not for search engines because that’s what search engines want. Plus, do not forget to update your content regularly. It is one of the important factors for search engines to tag your site as credible and worthy of their trust.

2. Earn or attract inbound links naturally
To get a significant impact or increase on your website rankings, the quantity and quality of inbound links are needed – this is called raising you Domain Authority (DA).  You can do this by submitting your site details to quality relevant directories, participating in blog posts, writing blog posts in relevant sites of your niche or share your content with other sites that may benefit from your products.

Search engines are now very good in detecting unnatural links. If they catch you buying links from other sites, expect that the ranking of your website will fall significantly, and if that happens, it will be very hard for you to regain the trust of Google or other search engines.

Instead of buying links, it’s always better to create engaging content that is worth sharing with other people and that will earn or attract inbound links the natural way. You don’t have to spend a lot of money just to get inbound links if you have good content.

Low Cost SEO is an Australian web marketing company that offers SEO packages to small businesses. We have the knowledge and the team to help you promote your business online. We offer industry-specific solutions to provide you with fast result at a reasonable price. Call +61431459847 and let us discuss what we can do for your business.

Choose From One Of Our Business SEO Packages Below That Work!

Many SEO service providers still find it challenging to explain what it is exactly that they offer and how big of an improvement it creates on the performance of a business.  Choose the right plan for you!  Choose from our affordable SEO business plans designed to cater to all of your small business needs.  Each plan is carefully crafted to fit your budget and provide optimal results that will generate traffic for your business.

seo pricing sydney
Deluxe Business Package
  • 15 Keyword Terms
  • Key pages HTML optimised (Yes)
  • Great For Beginners
  • Very Affordable
  • Progress Reports Each Month
  • Email Support
  • Minimal Link BuildingLink building can increase the number of high-quality links ... More and
  • Optimisation
  • Call (+61) 431459847

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AU$695/ Month

afforbale seo packages sydney
Ultimate Small Business Package
  • 20 Keyword Terms
  • Key Pages HTML Optimised (Included)
  • A good number of Keywords supported
  • Great SEO value
  • Progress Reports Each Month
  • Email and Chat Support
  • Medium Link BuildingLink building can increase the number of high-quality links ... More and SEM
  • Social SEO Included
  • Call (+61) 431459847

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AU$895/ Month

affordable seo services australia
Ultimate+ Small Business Package
  • 30 Keyword Terms (Best Value)
  • Key Pages HTML Optimised (Yes)
  • Content Articles Supplied
  • Full Offering Of Service
  • Best Value For Small Business
  • Gets You The Most Traffic and Clicks
  • Complete Offering For Link BuildingLink building can increase the number of high-quality links ... More and offline & SEM Optimisation
  • Full Offering Of Social
  • Call (+61) 431459847

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AU$1,470/ Month

Copywriting Services For Small Business

Our Copywriters create a service that gives an SEO copy edge. SEO Copywriters trained up and ready to write. We are fast, efficient, and most importantly understand SEO principles and how to use the SEO tools required to rank in Google and Yahoo!  Avoid the penalties of duplicate and spamy copy. Don’t be slapped by Google when you don’t have unique compelling SEO copy. Writing unique benefit led copy in the modern world is the only way to write for SEO. Gone are the days of keyword stuffing and linking strategies.Take the time and spend the money to have your copy written by a professional and reap the ranking rewards. Have our copywriters write content for you that is high quality and informative driving key website facts and benefits home to your customers.

 Our 5 page SEO copywriting business package includes:
  • Your content divided into content silos, to help target your SEO to search engines.
  • Copywriting that is easy to read and flow.
  • Copywriting that considers internal and external links.
  • Copywriting that takes into consideration all in-page metadata and headings.
  • Copywriting that communicates your business benefits to your customers and gets more customers through your doors.

Contact us now, we typically start our 5 page SEO copywriter packages from $777 +gst – this includes 3 rounds of amends to your copy templates.

We have helped dozens of small business write better copy and rank on top of their competitors.  We help you get to page 1 listings with integrated SEO writing techniques which moves your business higher in search.  We do this by looking at keyword density, the relationship between text and page weight, and the overall content structure of the site to help you attain a meaningful listing and gain success at no time at all.  No wonder our Senior copywriter is regarded as the ‘Best Copywriter’ in Australia by our clients. Our SEO copywriters have helped many pages list in the top 5 rankings on Google and Yahoo.  When looking for someone to write distinct benefit led copy for your website, don’t look towards your marketing team, look no further than our Senior Copywriters at Low Cost SEO.   Write better | Sell more | Perform.

Why not get ahead of the online advertising curve using your own personal affordable video?

Yes you have been quoted in excess of $3000, however you know Low Cost SEO provides genuine affordable products. Contact Us to find out more about our Online Video Production Business Packages. 

What You Get From Us:

  • We use professional HD video gear, lapel mics, and lighting.
  • You get a finalised post production 45 section to 1 min video about your business.
  • It will be uploaded and Optimised for YouTube.
  • We will use the Video in your SEO business package.
  • Sound and moving pictures with some text animation.

The Price:

Videography Package (as above)   $715 +gst
Special Super Video Package (Business Photography & Video)   $1235 +gst

Note: Our Photography Package includes professional shots of your business premises, 1 x professional business portrait by a qualified professional photographer, and up to 5 outdoor or general staff shots.

Yes all for an affordable price, and nowhere near the exuberant prices you may have been quoted in Australia or Sydney. Be Found! using Low Cost SEO Plans, Services, and Offerings.


Or call our SEO team in Sydney today on (+61) 431459847

Small Business Case Studies

Examples of how we have assisted customers through the success of our Small Business SEO Consulting.  Before we get into it, we need to understand what SEO is and how its defined – and see how this meets the customer objective.

“Search engine optimisation (SEO) is the process of affecting the visibility of a website or a web page in a search engine’s “natural” or un-paid (“organic”) search results.” as defined by Wikipedia.
So to you and me, SEO means preparing your online content and witting it in a special way so it’s easy for people to consume and easier for search engines to find.

So basically,

I love helping people, I can talk about helping people all day long, I want my information to be visible …  so how do I do that online?  One way is to employ or use SEO to get your content visible and on page #1 of Google and other search engines and Forums, BLOGS, etc.  As we mentioned before, by applying natural GOOGLE approved search engine optimisation techniques you will have your website or content found on the Internet using Google or Yahoo, simply and easily.  Search engine optimisation techniques are good for your website’s health because we make your website talk with Google by enhancing your:

  • Metadata
  • Image names
  • Internal Code
  • Load times
  • Social listings
  • Link partners

Thus your pages or content are visible to search engines in the way they want them seen.

Small incremental improvements are made over a period of a few months which results in healthy performance in organic search results at no extra cost to you, over and above your plan.

Case-study examples: what we have done for other customers.  When you purchase a small business SEO packageOur most popular Plans are the Ultimate SEO package and the ... More with Low Cost SEO – we get you the same or better results.

Google Increase in traffic: (Real-estate company example)

You can see below independent hosting data samples vs Google analytic data for a clients account. (click to enlarge)Site Traffic Increase

Analytics comparison
Notice how the new visitors is in a healthy position and the bounce rate is on the way down. (click to enlarge)

Analytics comparison


  • Over 4000 new page views per month
  • 50% increase on page views per session


Retail company Total Data Snapshot – building referral traffic
Before January:
Notice how contact with the site is zero, therefore this site did not rank well at the beginning. (click to enlarge)

Retail total data snapshot before Jan 2015

After July:
Notice how all results in all sectors increase by three fold, hence now the site is ranking and converting well. (click to enlarge)

Total SEO data increase three fold


  • Over 160 new leads generated online
  • All lead generation areas had a dramatic increase

Facebook Interactions
Interactions in Facebook increased over the period of SEO enhancements. (click to enlarge)

Facebook interactions increase 2015

Facebook likes Retail


  • Over 600 new brand page Facebook likes
  • Over 60 shared instances of their content


Twitter Interactions: (another Real-estate Client)
Evidence on how interactions in the clients Twitter account increased over the period of SEO enhancements. (click to enlarge)



  • 13 new followers just from one tweet instance
  • Over 104% profile visit increase



Rapid Tool Tie Gun  (Australia wide search)

position 1 in Google

Cosmetic Dentist Menai  (Local Suburb Search)

position 1 in Search Menai


Pasta Lane Cove  (Local and Map Search)

position 1 in Search lane cove



There is no better proof of results than being able to rank on page #1 or position #1 above fellow SEO companies.  See some of our results below.

Results This Year
Example 1:

low cost seo plans


Example 2:

cheap seo companies


Get in touch for SMB SEO Packages or SEO ServicesSEO Services compromise of many Marketing SEO techniques tha... More in Sydney and abroad, come and see us in Drummoyne or see what we can do for you and what we have done for our other happy customers.

Give us a call today on (+61) 431459847

Happy Customer hunting.

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