Partnering with a North Sydney SEO Company

It’s no secret that choosing a dependable and trustworthy digital marketing agency is difficult. Likewise, finding the top North Sydney SEO company that actually delivers on its “first-page results” claim might be challenging. How can you find someone who genuinely understands what they’re doing in an industry where everyone claims to have the special formula for SEO success?

Low Cost SEO is unlike any other digital marketing firm you’ve encountered. To begin with, we make no claims to being the best at what we do. We concentrate solely on offering the best SEO services in North Sydney through our affordable and customised SEO packages. Regardless of your business’s size or background, we have an SEO package that works best for your needs.

Backed up with years of quality experience, we have honed our Search Engine Optimisation strategies to greater heights. Moreover, we continue to learn and improve with every business we collaborate with. Google’s search algorithm is influenced by approximately 200 elements, all of which are continually changing. With so many variables at play, working with a North Sydney SEO company that specialises in search engine optimisation makes perfect sense.

Are you tired of wasting time and money with ineffective North Sydney SEO agencies? Will SEO really help you make more money? LCS offers inexpensive SEO services based on a strong ROI; we deliver SEO and PPC with integrity.

LCS also simplifies SEO and AdWords by following a set of agreed-upon KPIs. Thus, more organic leads will be converted. As a North Sydney-based SEO firm focused on delivering results, we understand that website traffic is pointless without conversion. Therefore, our SEO strategy focuses on locating your target market and presenting your brand to them at the perfect moment.

Why Work With Us?

Low Cost SEO creates SEO strategies that help businesses thrive by leveraging a plethora of statistical information, market research, and years of expertise. Simply said, we are confident with our knowledge and experience to use search engine optimisation to produce organic traffic, leads, and revenue for every business we work with.

We integrate time-tested methods with the latest technology and dedicated SEO specialists. We don’t use inflated traffic forecasts, or speculative developments to support our SEO methods.

Instead, we engage on facts, data, and return on investment, allowing every company we work with to achieve their digital marketing goals.

Partnering with LCS gives you all of the advantages of having an in-house SEO expert. We can develop goals and conduct organic marketing activities individually or collaborate with your team and company. Every stage of our plan is supported by data sorted and executed to benefit your company’s overall marketing operations. And given that 95% of consumers in the twenty-first century seek things online (rather than in conventional locations), a North Sydney SEO service is critical in leading you through the maze of ever-changing Google algorithms.

Our SEO Services and Techniques

The SEO services and techniques we utilise are designed to help your company thrive online.

Keyword Research

We'll determine which keywords are most significant for your business using effective keyword research tools and data from your business website. Identifying the right keywords to target is extremely crucial in helping your pages rank on Google organically.
Keyword Research
Competitor Analysis

Competitor Analysis

Our competitor analysis strategy is focused on acquiring a bird's-eye perspective of what you're up against and how to get to your target position. Analysing what's working for your competitors can provide you with a significant advantage in positioning your digital marketing efforts to get better results.

Content Writing

In order to boost your SERP visibility, new content and pages are essential. Moreover, we are not just talking about any content. If you want Google to index your website as a credible source of information, producing high-quality SEO-optimised content is necessary. We recognise that the key to SEO success is content production. Therefore, we'll also create and manage a content schedule that will serve as the foundation for your organic content marketing strategy.
Content Writing
Link Building

Link Building

We'll analyse your current link building strategy, remove any bad or harmful links, and design a white-hat link-building strategy to boost your website's authority and ranks. Good publishers will connect to your content since it will improve their user experience, as per Google. Without link building, you're missing out on more than half of Google's ranking considerations.

Mobile Optimisation

We can absolutely say that mobile page optimisation is a vital and underrated element of SEO nowadays. Users who are unable to read or view content on their mobile devices are more likely to abandon the site completely. Moreover, more than half of all users will not recommend a company with a bad mobile website. At LCS, our affordable SEO packages are customised according to your needs. So if we see that your business website is falling behind in terms of mobile competitiveness, we’ll offer a package that directly addresses the problem.
Mobile Optimisation
On-page Optimisation

On-page Optimisation

On-page optimisation accounts for around 20% of your SEO results. We'll work to enhance your business website's performance, load speed, metadata, graphics, and internal link structure. On-page SEO is vital since it aids search engines in determining if your business website's overall content is related to a query a user searches on Google. Not to mention, in search engine results pages, relevancy and semantics are becoming increasingly important as search engines grow more complex.

Local SEO

As an SEO company operating in North Sydney, LCS specialises in putting local companies on the map. Our local SEO services function similarly to general SEO but are focused more on clients seeking local firms, commodities, and solutions. Whether you're a newly established business, a medium-sized firm, or a national-level company, being on the first page of Google for local searches is an important part of any digital marketing plan.
Local SEO
Reporting and Monitoring

Reporting and Monitoring

Effective SEO reporting is the first step to understanding development and evaluating your ROI. LCS provides regular monthly reports that include all of the work that was performed, month-over-month progress, and the forthcoming timetable and targets. Unlike other SEO Sydney firms, we will not provide a generic report without thought or consideration. Instead, monthly reporting allows us to assess the effectiveness of our SEO techniques, reflect on what is (or is not) working, and determine how we can improve your Google rankings.

Frequently Asked Questions About SEO in North Sydney

SEO can assist every company that has a product or service to market. Even if prospective buyers search for relevant phrases in search engines, your website will not be visible online without SEO. In addition, most consumers turn to the internet to search and purchase products, and 93% of users say that online reviews have affected their buying behaviour and decisions. So if you have a customer-based business that relies on the internet for traffic, SEO is a must-have.

The straightforward answer is yes. SEO will continue to be relevant and effective as long as the internet exists. While Google algorithms are constantly changing, it wouldn't make SEO ineffective since the latter is one of the fundamental components of digital marketing. SEO has helped many businesses thrive online, and it will continue to do so, given that proper procedures and practices are consistently utilised.

While you can maintain your own car, construct your own store, and create your own business decors, many SEO tasks are best left to professionals. It may be tempting to read some SEO blogs and try to handle your website improvements on your own, but the fact is that these do-it-yourself approaches typically fail. We propose using the services of a professional SEO company because SEO is a time-consuming process that demands tons of understanding and regular updates.

Both SEO and PPC have advantages and disadvantages, and a successful internet marketing strategy should include both. While SEO is more expensive up front, it is more cost-effective in the long term and provides reliable results. On the other hand, pay-per-click, or PPC, is a method of online marketing in which you pay a charge each time one of your adverts is clicked. It's a technique in which marketers pay for visits rather than utilising SEO to acquire organic traffic.

SEO tools are used to assist company owners and SEO firms in ranking their websites higher on search engine results pages (SERPs). The tools make analysing content, backlinks, and other essential SEO elements much easier. You can examine the SEO success of other industry competitors in addition to the research and insights provided by these tools. The extent of each tool's function changes depending on the type of tool you select.

SEO is a continuous activity that demands constant attention and adjustments while adhering to Google's best practice standards. A one-time 'optimise your website' will not guarantee long-term success. Also, long-term results will not be achieved by doing SEO for three straight months and then abandoning it. If you have space in your marketing budget, SEO is an investment you should make right away. SEO has a cumulative impact, which means that the longer you perform it, the simpler it will be to achieve the benefits. You should start SEO today if you want to see increased leads, organic traffic, and revenue.

There are more than enough tools and resources available online in 2022 to perform your own search engine optimisation efforts. The main issue you'll have is the vast amount of contrasting information available from numerous digital marketing sites that claim to know the key to ranking on Google's first page. One blog may claim that meta titles are unimportant for SEO, while another may claim they are crucial. A social media manager could try to convince you that social media and SEO are linked, but they are not.

Finding the appropriate match for your business is critical when it comes to creating and conducting a successful SEO campaign. One of the most critical factors of a good SEO operation is open collaboration. To obtain the greatest potential result, your views and approaches must be in sync with the SEO company you work with. This is why open communication and transparency are critical when working with a team of professionals to ensure a functioning partnership.

Our SEO Case Studies

Many SEO service companies waste your money and struggle to explain what they offer and how much of a difference it makes to a company's performance. So choose from one of our budget SEO packages for businesses that are meant to increase leads based on agreed-upon KPIs—something that other companies are afraid to do. Each plan is custom-made to match your budget and deliver the best results for increasing visitors to your website. How can we confidently say this? Check out our case studies below:

1. Google Increase in traffic: (Retailer and EC Site) – this year


  • On average, over 250 new leads per month (even throughout all the algorithm changes)
  • < 20% bounce rate across all pages, and over 1000 keywords ranking

2. Google increase in traffic: (Real-estate company example)

You can see below independent hosting data samples vs. Google analytic data for a client’s account.

Analytics comparison:

Notice how the new visitors are in a healthy position and how the bounce rate is on the way down.


  • Over 4000 new page views per month
  • 50% increase in page views per session

3. Retail company Total Data Snapshot – building referral traffic

Before January:

Notice how contact with the site is zero. Therefore, this site did not rank well at the beginning.

After July:

Observe how all results in all sectors increase by three folds. Hence, the site is now ranking and converting well.

Choosing LCS is Choosing Quality and Affordability

It’s crucial to revisit your digital presence to ensure that you are visible to your online audience. SEO is a key part of ensuring that your online presence has a good impact. Search Engine Optimisation is not only advantageous; it is also an essential marketing technique for creating compelling brand awareness. Overall, SEO might be difficult, but for those who master it, it can also be the most lucrative technique.

You don’t want to work with SEO firms that use “set it and forget it” approaches or refuse to collaborate with your experts to enhance your site’s speed. Instead, look for North Sydney SEO companies that will aid you when you need a second opinion on a plan, give evidence to back up their assertions, and use tools like Google Site Speed to guarantee your website’s code and structure are optimised for Google. If your SEO company wants to charge you extra for their services or refuses to assist you, it’s time for an upgrade.

We’ve been in business for a long time and have served a wide range of clientele across Australia. In reality, they are already reaping the benefits of superb search engine optimisation operations in terms of both reputation and revenue. We take great pride in the professionalism with which our employees work themselves, and we ensure that we will treat our customers in the finest possible manner. Thus, we begin by listening to what you want us to do or come up with, then discussing all of the options with you, and last, after everything is set, we begin the SEO campaign.

Using our custom programmatic data analysis methodologies, our SEO specialists at LCS will work with your company to achieve greater and higher revenue performance. Our models funnel leads via your brand and onto your website, where they are converted into clients for your sales pipeline or e-commerce site.

Start SEO right; start it with us!

SEO is a complex procedure. Although each customer is different, the basics of search engine optimisation remain the same. Regardless of your industry or business type, if you’re searching for a means to boost your local or national search exposure, our years of experience can help you succeed.

We deal with small company owners as well as major corporations with a wide range of marketing budgets. Our SEO services will be tailored to your marketing budget and objectives. We want to produce achievements that both of us can be proud of.

If you’d like to learn more about our low-cost services, give our agency a call; it’s risk-free, and we’re happy to assist you and answer your questions. So get in touch with Low Cost SEO now, and we’ll help you get started the right way!

If you would like to know more about our affordable services, then give our agency a call, its risk free, we are here to help and answer your questions!