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How To Get Better Website Traffic In 2015


Start creating some cute, funny, engaging videos and images around your topic area and keyword terms. Show the advantages of using your product the over others in the market, show people using Video how great your product is. Consult with a professional designer to create professional imagery you can use on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Instagram, YouTube, and Pinterest. Work this content in with your new terms in social and write new blogs into your website.

Look at this Aussie, 300,000 followers in 12 months, she is not even 25 yet.. Look at how engaging her content is!  laurenbeautyy/featured

More website traffic
It is imperative you start linking your website content to social a lot more, you can never do enough!

Speak with friends, acquaintances, colleagues who can help you get an article written up on SMH, Daily Telegraph etc. Can you contact journalists in the relevant sections of the local paper to get an article  written up about you and your company?

Join a BLOG network to amplify your content : use Outbrain. Log in and create an account. – this will be very beneficial! Costs are involved however you should get 300 – 400 + clicks from here a month if the article is good.

Create Facebook Ads, and expand your followers, promote good content videos on there .. A big must – however it will cost, $40 – $70 / month.

Up your budget on AdWords and get your banners seen in more areas. A big must – it will cost, $80 – $150 / month for decent traffic.

You need to be active on blogs in your industry and get them to back your product, or buy some Ad space in these blogs to get more traffic back to your website.

Time to create a six month content calendar for the items above and time to spend some valuable marketing dollars. Sometimes we need to spend a little more to kick start our traffic.

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