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When using Affordable SEO techniques, Search Engine Optimisation can be described as the low cost art of improving and promoting a website (or Digital Strategy) in order to increase the number of visitors and clicks a site receives from search engines services such as Yahoo, Google, and Bing to convert customers.

There are many aspects to Search Engine Optimisation and SEO strategy, and many plans to choose from so why should you use an affordable plan?  Have you considered using an SEO Company yet?

Search Engine Optimisation techniques range from the words on your page to the way other sites link to you on the web. Sometimes our Sydney based SEO Company isn’t just about “seo techniques.” It’s about making your site better for people giving them a better user experience and grouping information in a logical manner that is relevant and easy to consume, and easy to navigate.  Further, its also about building your offline contacts and media sources such as FB and Instagram getting groups of people talking about you, like the old fashioned face to face referral, however this is done using online social media.

Ask Your Potential SEO Agency About The Following SEO Techniques:

  • Keyword selection
  • Page optimisation
  • Link building and shoulder niche partnerships
  • Article writing
  • Type of social media integration & how often
  • Do they monitor against negative SEO attacks?
  • Do they look for SEO hybrid strategies?
  • What level of SEO risk profile do they employ
  • Do they advise and help you on page speed issues and technical SEO issues?
  • Do they work to optimise Local maps submissions and build citations for you?

Some practical Examples Of How The Points Above Can Benefit You:

Keyword selection: First off the rank is that the title of the page should include relevant information about your page. If this is not the case it’s important to understand that the title is one of the most important parts of Search Engine Optimisation, since it informs the search engine exactly what the page is about via your meta data. So its important that changes are made to your page to allow the headings and content on your page to reflect the title and ensure the content of the page reflects the title of the page.

Page optimisation: META tags are the language Google talks when they are investigating your site to get an idea what you are about, remember you are about what Google ses your about.  So make sure that within your meta descriptions your write a brief description usually less than 160 characters for each webpage you want to rank on your site.  Also on a page its usually good process when using natural language to use 4 to 6 keywords or topical areas of conversation.

Link building: Can increase the number of high-quality links.  Backlinks still counts for 30-40% of overall SEO ranking as per Moz research data. These strategies must ensure your link profile is keept NATURAL – people are hit by Google because they do silly things and cut corners or use PBNs that are not allowed. We target your content where the customers are and where we can naturally and organically build relationships to your site.

Article Writing: As we have heard thousands of time, content is King.  Content is king because Google loves to rank pages that display that they are an authority in a term area, typically we see pages in exess of 800 words ranking on page one.  Utilizing words and brilliant creative content when advertising an item or an service is paramount if you want to rank well.  Some content items that your SEO company should help you produce are; web journals, articles, online networking content, pictures, GIFS, and Video.

In ensuring your site appears in web index results, you should have a grasp of what words (or expressions for voice search) people use in hunting down a business that is similar to yours.  In SEO, these are called Keyword or terms of search. They are important to Google when choosing if your site ought to be more obvious and higher in the search index result pages. Here is the place SEO and content promotion interlace: in the making of any blog, article, and meta tags, you have to use the relevant keywords to have your content rank.

These keywords will flag that your article is associated with what the individual is looking for. When you can incorporate these catchphrases or keywords into your article successfully they will help in getting your article indexed within Google. The purpose behind this is on the grounds that Google, or some other web index, will check your page (or article or media item) and the keywords will enable these web indexes to make sense of your article, or blog, or any other content peace – and rank it accordingly.

Social Media: Is a large referral traffic goldmine.  Its not a direct influence to ranking on page 1, however we know that companies that show social media activity do get preference and noticed by Google.  It seems that Google uses these factors to see if people are interacting with your business and if you’re a true domain authority on what you promote. The quantity of activity and engagement that transpires in and around social media on a daily basis is massive. Products, services and brands are being discovered through social media and consumers will carry on referring to it to view updates and reviews, creating more traffic for your business.

It is important to take a fresh look at your online presence from time to time; SEO plays in the process of making sure your online presence creates a positive impact. Search Engine Optimisation is not only beneficial; it is a necessary marketing tool to develop compelling brand consciousness. All in all, SEO can be a challenge, yet it can also be the most rewarding strategy for those who know how to use it well.

Hybrid Strategies: If your current agency is just employing one type of optimisation for you, then its time to consider upgrading your SEO agency.  The best SEO strategies are the hybrid strategies that can divide your marketing spend expertly and efficiently between SEO, SEM, AdWords, and Social Media, so that your terms are ranking in the short term and are leveraging SEO organic ranking for the long term.  A good SEO company will know how to manipulate and implement the right strategy and when to maximise your ranking vs time-frame.

What level of risk Agency employs: Many companies who engage with SEO agencies these days that are ranking are not playing with a straight bat.  This is increasingly becoming more prevalent as competition is heating up and companies are asking for more aggressive techniques to be used to rank their pages.  While this may be great for your rankings in the short term, the agency will use risky link building and content writing to get you to rank inside three months, then take off in month four when your site tanks, leaving the next agency to pick up the pieces.

Don’t be a person who gets ripped off, ask the agency how they plan to rank you, what network and the types of places they will be backlinking from, as well as a monthly work report so you can verify they are partnering you with legitimate websites with good domain authority.  If they won’t show you, then its time to upgrade your SEO agency.

Advice: This goes without saying, you don’t want to be working with SEO companies that employ set and forget tactics or who don’t want to work with your developers to improve your site performance.  Look for agencies that are willing to offer assistance we when you need a second opinion on strategy, provide documentation showing what they are claiming is correct and best practice, as well as use tools like Google Site speed to help you ensure your websites code and structure is perfectly optimised for Google.  If the SEO Company wants to charge you more to do their job, or they won’t help, then it’s time to upgrade your SEO agency.

Local Maps SEO: Is the ability to optimise a website and create external citations so a customer’s website branding appears in Google maps Local SEO once a person searches for a specific sentence or term.  For example

Local maps SEO Sydney

The internet is a borderless place, you can reach any market for as far as you can with SEO. You can reach an audience who is located a thousand kilometres away from you with ease, and vice versa. However, for local businesses, reaching an audience located overseas when your business is in Australia is counterproductive and a complete waste of time because this is not your target audience.

To narrow this down, a Local SEO marketing scheme exists so you can focus on the local market alone. This is to address the need of local businesses wanting to focus on their immediate area demographics. Doing this will be great for restaurant owners and service-based dealings that want to cater only to the locals and/or visiting tourists.

In the previous years, over 45 % of Google searches, 25 % of Bing searches and 25 % of Yahoo searches have specific location terms. Additionally, over 50 % of mobile phone searches over the previous year also involved local searches.

With the current rise of people preferring to use mobile devices when searching, it is highly possible that the per cent of it involving local searches will also increase. This means you must take advantage of this fact.

Hiring experts who are well-versed and experienced in SEO will make a greater impact in your marketing. There are affordable SEO firms in Australia to help businesses like yours get the traffic (and sales) it needs. Low Cost SEO, for instance, offers different services that cater to your business’ unique goals, and these packages will vary depending on how big you want your marketing effort.

So what happens when we all look the same and have the same products and are all strong with our linking schemes and meta data.  Does Google or search engines flick a coin?  Is it alphabetically listed as some people think?  No, the answer is the company that demonstrates they are a leader in the niche writing and publishing good content, who are active on social, and who have diverse unique customers coming to their website from original IPs will rank (don’t even think of trying to game page hits – IPs are tracked as well).

Our SEO Company’s Core SEO Techniques

By applying natural GOOGLE SEO approved search engine techniques, you can have your website found on the Internet using Google, Yahoo or DuckDuckGO,  simply and easily.  SEO techniques are good for your website’s health because basic site code structures are updated with minor modifications to fragments of your code helping correct and optimise things such as:

  • Metadata (the code describing your pages to Google)
  • Image names (so search engines know what your site is about)
  • Code practices (make it easier for Google to rank you)
  • Load times (don’t make people wait – Google hates that)
  • Social listings (we need to show the community you’re an expert and actively participating in discussions)
  • Content (write stuff – after all your the leader in your field)

Thus your pages are visible to search engines in the way they want them seen.

Put your best businesses foot forward by concentrating on writing “Quality Content” that serves the end user and benefits their cause. Even small sales sites can offer snippets of information that help the general public in the terms of their business’s specialisation, so use this to make your journey through your website an excellent experience for your customers and readers.

Types of search engine Optimisation

  • On-Page SEO techniques
  • Off-Page SEO techniques
Search Engine Optimisation Techniques

Don’t focus too hard on specific Search Engine Optimisation word injections and squeezes to increase your ranking in organic search engine results (don’t over do it otherwise you will pay for it). This usually does not deliver the preferred results because search engines are very advanced these days and can penalize you for over-optimizing your site (in-fact Google DeepMind aka “SKYNET” has recently beat all the most capable humans at the most complex strategy games and is now playing online games, and winning those as well).  When writing content, if you’re a smaller or larger site it does not matter but around 600 to 2,000 words is a good start depending on how long your page is, the concept of good content holds true always.  Always, always, always, plan a good healthy backlink strategy and keep up with all the latest changes and have a read of articles relating to Penguin, Panda, Hummingbird or EMD  to keep you safe from ranking low and being penalised by search engines.

Get To Know Your Customers

Search is not just about one search engines, its about the greater digital landscape, consider that Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Pinterest are all forms of search engines.  Your site should contain and allow landing pages to represent the user experience from these sources; if people are coming to you from these areas you need a page that is ready to convert them.

To get there, you need to know your customers so that you can build a site for your customers and not for yourself; ask the following questions:

  • What terms are people searching to find my business?
  • What age group and interests do my customers have?
  • What objectives do they want from my business?
  • What is the user path once they get to my site?
  • What are the top products my customers are looking for?
  • What information / assets can I offer my customers to make their life easier?
  • Can my customers contact me easily or do I make them work hard to find my information?
  • How should I communicate to my customers, what language should i use?

You should be able to answer all these questions and your site should be able to meet the above challenges, and the SEO strategy should target the business strategy you set out, so that your winning the right quality leads to your business.

Social Media – Are You There?

When your an expert in an area, or if you have a passion for your hobby then you usually also hang out with people with the same interests, share your ideas, and help share information as well as share your cool experiences in your hobby.  Being an expert in your business field or selling a leading product line in your business is no different, so how is your social media profile?  Are you there?

Social media uptake is being noticed by search engines these days as an indication that people are into you..  I’m not speaking about how many likes you have, i’m speaking about are you writing articles, creating image assets, sharing your ideas, creating fertile hubs for your groupies to hang out in.  The companies that are doing this are getting better noticed by search engines, these companies also are getting great referral traffic from their groupies and their fertile customer hangouts.  It’s easy to do you just need the time to do it; if you don’t have the time to create social media assets and content, then let us work with you to create a content calendar and we will do it for you as part of our SEO Service.  One way or another, if your serious about ranking on page 1, you need to be active on social media building a good audience with good content.

Read some FAQ’s LCS has written on this topic!

How do we get on page 1 of Google

Trying to game the system – noughty, noughty!


Another way to improve on the above is to submit your site to popular web directories and other external information sites in your field of business and country (not just search engines), organise your information so that each page speaks about a topic, and create partnerships with other sites to link to yours as if someone links to you, generally your site is worth doing business with, the better domain authority a site has the better and more authentic it is.

Here is a fantastic summary from an SEO Company on the ball, Search Engine Land, on the principles we subscribe to: However for a fraction the cost!

Great SEO Principles We Subscribe to for Less!

Great Principles We Subscribe to for Less!

SEO Strategy Info-Graphic

The responsibilities of Search Engine Marketers have now changed again because of the changing nature of medium to small business and their willingness to take on social and digital as marketing mediums.

When we are educating our customers on the nuances of Search Engine Optimisation or Digital Strategy in our Workshops on how to best promote and leverage a service on your website, we offer the following diagram.  It shows how a client can use all the social and on-page arsenal they have to promote their dedicated service or product in a focused manner.  The advantage of doing it this way is keeping your message consistent across all topics, however not cloned. Consider your:

  • Business objectives.
  • Social areas you have confidence in.
  • Keyword research.
  • Cross linking opportunities.


Click the image to enlarge:
SEO Strategy

We Qualify Links With Webutation

We also are very careful to avoid using unethical behaviour when building links or submitting content while building your Search Engine Optimised Google presence.  We are always careful and mindful to always abide by search engine rules and thus we always qualify our links with Webutation first.  Some of the directories we submit to are:

And many many more, sign up to one of our packages and avoid the Google Slap from other non-reputable Search Engine Optimisation companies.

What Else Do We Do?

We do more than classic SEO, we help with your online strategy, social presence, help locate your optimal online traffic content, and work with you to hit up your local markets to bring more foot traffic through your door.  We can assist with:

  • Digital workshops to align your digital partners
  • Article writing.
  • Social Blogging.
  • Social Profile.
  • Social Profile Evaluation.
  • Help build your online brand and online strategy.
  • Help you connect with your existing customer base through eDM and Direct mail.
  • We will even meet up for a coffee if your in the Sydney area! We love face to face meetings.

SEO Techniques


We like working with your Small Business, our SEO firm values your business, and take the time to have a coffee with you and discuss your needs in person or over the phone or even SKYPE.  We work out the volume of your keywords, work out your ROI based off that and offer you strategies that work in the short term in combination with long term SEO strategy.

Call our team today and lets us SEO for you, call (+61) 431459847.



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