Build Your Personal Brand Using Google Ads

A booming business with clients flooding in doesn’t just happen overnight. If you want to improve your marketing and increase your brand awareness, you need to focus on creating your personal brand through Google Ads. What is personal branding? Simply put, your personal brand is your online identity. You create a persona and public image… READ MORE

How Website Content and SEO Interweaves | SEO Sydney Blog

Two great marketing tools you can use are SEO and media advertising. People at one time or another may deliberate how one idea trumps the other because of the likenesses between the two fields. Albeit both are respected independently, these two ought to really work together. Search engine optimization Web optimization is a shortened form… READ MORE

White Label SEO

Critical Importance of SEO Search engine optimisation or SEO can be described as a play book people should abide by so that their website (or blog) becomes optimized so that search engines find your website services or products easier in Google, which in turn improves search engine rankings for your pages and products. In other… READ MORE

SEO Tips To Help Small Businesses Get To Page 1 | SEO Sydney Blog

Small businesses are trying the do-it-yourself SEO approach that may sometimes end up in the occurrence of common SEO mistakes like keyword stuffing on irrelevant pages of your site. Doing this can actually bring more harm than good to your site. You must know that Google can be alerted to take action against a site… READ MORE

A Fun SEO Story in Pictures

Today I wanted to give our audience and customers an appealing way to digest some fun facts on Search Engine Optimasation practices and techniques companies employ, recommend, have employed, or soon to look into after reading our blog. 🙂 See our visual story below. Hope you enjoyed my visual story !

Why aren’t we #1 or on page 1 at Google?

Why aren’t we #1 or on page 1 at Google?

There may be many reasons why your not on page one of Search Engine Results. Usually its because you have not done a complete SEO onpage and off page optimisation strategy for your site, this is your an SEO professional comes in to the picture. They have the skills and industry experience to get you… READ MORE

The Best Way to Promote Your Business Online

Today, it is assumed that every business, whether big or small, has their own business website. Sometimes people don’t even have to ask, they just go online, type in the business name and hope they find the right website or, at least, a social media page containing the information they need. Undeniably, websites are now… READ MORE

Use Pinterest and get your SEO eco-system happening

Many new clients and people new to social are not sure how to create a Pin, or Tweet or use social to create their personal SEO ECO-System. I was watching a great movie the other day called Chef. In this movie his 12 year old son teaches him how to use social especially twitter to… READ MORE

The Horror of Penguin 3.0 – May Not Be Horror Just a Natural 301 Redirect Issue

Today I woke up and was enjoying my morning and doing the tasks I like to usually do like see how my customers are faring on the Google ranking charts! To my horror one of the sites had totally disappeared off Google! “WHAT The ^^%%^&&” is said to myself, what went wrong!      … READ MORE