Lead Generation & Content Marketing Tips

During this episode with George we talk about the different types of content you can be creating for your business that will help with your SEO, We share some key lead generation and your content marketing strategies below, watch the vid and see how we do it.

Hear about the SEO content marketing hacks for 2021 and a few tools that you can use to improve your content and your search engine optimization.

Some key points made:

  • Google is preferring longer form content around the 2,000 word mark or more – I personally think we both agree that human behaviour would say that people would prefer longer, sharper form content. I feel like I’m back in Uni again you know, you go to Uni, you have to write ten-thousand-word essays and then you go to start your first job and you put a 2,000 word document on your boss’s desk what does your boss say, can you summarise it to half a page please.
  • From a SEO technical perspective, I also think that when you do write a comprehensive 2,000 word doc or article piece they also expect you to code in what’s called structured data amongst and wrap, so structured data is a map language that speaks to the Google search engines and then it allows the search engines to pull out snippets and post those snippets at the top of Google when you’re asking a question like what is electrolysis or how can I kick a ball straight or what’s the best headbands for the races or something. So they pick up those snippets and put them on the websites and almost using your content for their content.
  • A good question asked was how to rank on page one. A lot of people ask and it really depends on what the objective is and what the KPI is, and as we said last time when we spoke, the way that my philosophy is very data focused, very ROI, very sales focused that’s just my philosophy in the background that I’ve had growing up.
    I could give you example, like when you say you know how many content pieces do we do well let’s say for example you were trying to rank Botanical Content for example, that would be quite a different prospect to trying to rank content marketing agencies, because one’s a very bespoke branded term and the other one you’re going up against other businesses that have been around for five or six years doing SEO, so you’ve got yourself that’s maybe only been around, not that you haven’t, but you’re saying figuratively been around for two years, you’ve got three or four competitors have been around for 10 years, they’ve built 100 links backlinks, they’ve done SEO for 10 years. You’ve got five good backlinks they’ve got a hundred, so you’re going to have to go from five to a hundred just to match them.
  • Our Philosophy is this. Ask a question like, how many sales you want to make and they say, well want to make a million sales George.  Then my second question is, okay would you have a warehouse that could warehouse some many products?
  • So the reason I ask that is again coming back to the KPI thing, whether you want to rank for Botanical Content or content marketing agency you need to know where the goal posts are and you need to know technically you’re here, they’re there, so we have to do this much work to get there, and therefore to do this much work it’s going to cost this much and this is what we’re going to do every month, this is how much hard work we have to do and this is what the cost is because that’s what we’re going to do.  That’s my philosophy. It’s never, you know our SEO is a thousand dollars or five thousand ten thousand don’t worry about it, we’ll just get you lots of traffic.  That used to work five six years ago it doesn’t cut it now. And then here’s the other thing, it needs to be lead to sale all the way because it’s all well and good to get people to the website to do your personas and to get the right people the website but then if they’re not buying or if they’re not emailing then what your doing is useless. This is a major issue with only chasing traffic.And unfortunately all the big agencies gobble customers up by selling them the “chase traffic story” and blow their budgets.

    By the time the client is eductated on how it works, its too late and they have offloaded 50K..