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What is SEO?

Many SEO service providers still find it challenging to explain what it is exactly that they offer and how big of an improvement it creates on the performance of a business. Search Engine Optimisation is a marketing strategy that focuses on increasing your website’s visibility and targeted traffic in free, organic and natural search engine results such as Google, Yahoo! and Bing.

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It incorporates the technical elements and creative components needed to improve traffic and rankings. The overall objective of search engine optimisation is to increase traffic to a website by using keywords and keyword topics to refine the user experience and meet search engine guidelines.

How does it work?

When we type in a search in Google, a website that naturally ranks higher in organic search results has greater chances of getting more clicks. The top five results in Google acquire 67% of most clicks, which means showing up on the front page is tantamount to maximising your digital marketing campaigns.

This is the way it works. Firstly, only relevant results to a searcher’s query are returned. Secondly, it ranks those results correspondingly to the popularity of the websites providing the information. Relevance and popularity are what SEO is meant to influence.

Why do I need SEO?

SEO is an Investment

SEO cannot essentially be viewed as a cost; it is an investment. It boosts your ranking to top results which yield a colossal return on the moderate amount that you have invested.

It Helps People Find You

Getting your business seen online is crucial to its success; but with the huge amount of competitors in the market all competing for visibility, it is rather difficult to stand out. Your website gives the first impression of your online presence.

It generates leads, converts prospects and draws in potential customers or investors. SEO makes sure that your website gets the most notice by the most number of visitors.

It Builds Trust and Credibility

SEO demonstrates your brand is better, stronger and well known. People subconsciously trust those that appear at the topmost of search results more. Prospects will think that you’re leading in the market – helping you establish a trustworthy brand.

Has One of the Best ROI’s in Marketing

SEO is an inbound marketing strategy; it permits you to directly market to people already searching for the products and services you are providing. Targeting interested consumers means that the majority of your work is already done for you. It also mixes in well with other methods of advertising.


SEO Trends for 2017

 Now that we have shed some light on what Search Engine Optimisation is, and what benefits it provides, check out these five SEO trends that will help you get ahead this 2017:


Infographics grab a visitor’s attention. Images paired with information and content tend to create a more lasting impact on the readers.

Content that has infographics is also more inclined to have social media shares and generate more leads. Keep in mind though to attach infographics only to content relevant to it.

Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

More and more companies and brands are utilising this option. AMP is a new Google initiative to build a better, faster, more user-friendly experience for mobile users by introducing a new standard for building web content specifically for them.

Local Search Will Grow in a Big Way

Local SEO is still pivotal for small and medium enterprises. Focusing on local SEO strategies can help companies attract more qualified traffic and lift sales.

As more and more people utilise their mobile devices to retrieve information, they also search for information about local businesses. Maneuvering your SEO towards local searches will help you gain more positive attention and convert more leads.

Voice Search

Some experts dub voice search as the new search engine revolution. It has been an ongoing undertaking in the technology industry for years. Voice search has been refining the way users obtain information for years and has been moulding SEO even more today. Its capabilities show an even bigger potential for popularity growth as the quality of results are further enhanced. This year, its goal is to exceed more than just voice recognition and develop into voice interpretation. SEO is still highly regarded as a text-driven domain; still, it is still crucial to optimise your content to keep up with the continuous technological advancements like voice search.

Social Media

Social media will be an even larger referral traffic goldmine this year as a significant aspect of branding depends on it. The quantity of activity and engagement that transpires in and around social media on a daily basis is massive. Products, services and brands are being discovered through social media and consumers will carry on referring to it to view updates and reviews, creating more traffic for your business.

It is important to take a fresh look at your online presence from time to time; SEO plays in the process of making sure your online presence creates a positive impact. Search Engine Optimisation is not only beneficial; it is a necessary marketing tool to develop compelling brand consciousness. All in all, SEO can be a challenge, yet it can also be the most rewarding strategy for those who know how to use it well.

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