Enhance Your Website’s User Experience

The technology in today’s market offers vast opportunities to businesses, especially for startups, to promote their brands to customers online. The rise of eCommerce and business mobility create new possibilities for the company’s to improve their approach to sales and marketing.

With the fast-paced upgrade in technology, building a website for your business is one good start to market your brand online or to the digital consumers. For the company to have engaging audiences, website designing and development are vital and should be planned appropriately.

In Australia, there are SEO companies such as Low Cost SEO that offer website services for designing and optimisation. Companies who have existing websites can also work on enhancing and improving their contents and design.

Why having a website is essential for every business?
Today, most of your key target market is mobile and online. Due to this reason, it is vital for the business to build and own a website and use this for digital marketing and brand awareness.

With this, one important part to consider when building a website is the User Experience. This is the ‘process of enhancing the usability and accessibility’ of your website.

User Experience design goes beyond human-computer interaction to have effective website content perceived by users. As per Google, ‘focus on the user’, and everything will follow through.

How should a business improve their website’s user experience?

Improve Website Content.

From the content headlines down to the images used on your website, choosing the right words and models are essential to capture the user’s interest. Two of the elements in the User Experience is Information Architecture and Visual Design and this strategy makes the website infrastructure more usable.

Digital Marketing for SEO.

Optimise your business’s site by improving its content and design. It is vital for a website to have compelling content to drive more virtual users.

Nowadays, companies gain more conversion from the leads they are getting from sites and searches. For competent SEO, improve the on-page content of your site and use the right keywords, and develop the structure of your website.

Better Website Interface.

A website can gain user engagement by having a better interface. Simplify the design of your site by incorporating the right colour scheme, place easy to read contents with call-to-action buttons and have the pages load as quickly as possible. According to experts, ‘a better design will lead to more conversions.’

Mobile User Experience.

Almost all business consumers today are mobile users. These people are goal-oriented, they want to get all the information right away from their handheld smart devices.

Design your site to have a mobile responsive feature where its pages will load correctly on all mobile devices. Also make sure to have comprehensive yet concise content, and that menus are visible.

Lastly, call-to-action and home buttons should be clickable so it is easy for users to see them on your site. Other suggestions are putting a search box and other navigation menus.

What are some online tools we can use in testing the website’s performance?

Google Analytics.

This tool developed by Google helps businesses track their website traffic to improve their marketing scheme. What most people in the industry don’t know about this tool is its feature to audit your site’s performance and content.

Google Website Optimizer is integrated into Google Analytics Content Experiments and is a free tool to help you improve the overall user satisfaction and experience on your website.


This tool will give you a report on how your site loads its pages, what causes the bottlenecks, and provides recommendations on how to optimize it or to improve its performance. Other features of this tool are; mobile responsive test for your website, analysing how well your site loads in all regions around the world, and letting the webmasters monitor the site performance on a scheduled manner.

SEMrush Site Audit. The SEMrush site audit will check if your site is optimised with the right structure and content. The feature called SEO Analysis Tool will conduct a site evaluation to help you find and fix ‘on-site errors’. The audit report will also tell you steps on how to improve your site’s structure to make it more accessible and rank up on search engines.

SEO packages

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